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Robert & Jayne Currie

Ron & Suzanna Blanchard

Dick & Julie Vice

My husband and I first moved to Lake Griffin Harbor in June of 2006 from Palmyra, NY. We were impressed with the community’s well-manicured entrance and common grounds, as well as how nicely each homeowner maintained their lot. 

From the first moment we walked up to the office, we were warmly welcomed the residents … they just so happened to be from our home state of New York. To this day, we've remained close friends.

My husband is a bass fisherman and was attracted to the waterfront community, which has boat ramp and dockage availability. We own a pontoon boat that we dock at LGH, and enjoy cruising to the surrounding lakes and canals to get a glimpse of the unbelievable wildlife.

I cringe thinking about it … Back in 2011, we moved out of Lake Griffin Harbor, looking for a change. Within eight months, we moved back … I should say, we ran back as fast as we could!  We missed the friendliness of our neighbors; that feel of family-oriented community; not to mention all of the activities that were right at our finger tips.

Needless to say, we were welcomed back to the community with open arms. … The residents of Lake Griffin Harbor aren't just our friends; they’re our "southern family."

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Louise LaCroix

We love it here! I was hesitant to spend my winters in Florida, but only after a few weeks, I realized that we had moved to a very special place.

The people at Lake Griffin Harbor (LGH) are extremely welcoming. It’s just a place to live; it's a neighborly community where everyone helps each other.

There are so many activities to meet all interests. Personally, I enjoy the craft, computer and book clubs.  Although I've never line-danced and never thought I’d want to, my neighbors are so much fun and helpful that I, now, look forward to getting out on the dance floor!

LGH has exercise and water aerobics three times a week. And for card-players, there’s always some kind of game happening. Our Clubhouse is equipped with fitness center, billiards room, library and kitchen. The pool is heated and has become the center for socializing … and of course a great place to work on my tan!

The location works great for us. It’s far enough away from all tourist congestion, yet less than an hour drive to all the Orlando-area attractions. There are plenty of restaurants and shopping areas nearby, as well as plenty of activities and flea markets in the local towns. We’ve found out that we be as active as we’d like, or just hang out at home.

As far as I'm concerned, nothing compares to the ambiance of Lake Griffin Harbor.

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Joyce Morgan

Are you looking for a fantastic place to live, either full- or part-time?  If you are, I recommend Lake Griffin Harbor (LGH) in Leesburg, Florida. I've lived here for over nine years and it’s been wonderful.

LGH is a place where you can be as active or as inactive as you want. There are a number of daily activities that you can take part in—you name it, we've got it—or will see that it’s soon available to you!

And for those that prefer to take it easy, there’s plenty of room and wonderful views to do just that; it’s such a relaxing place to be.

For me, LGH is a neat, well-manicured, safe place to live. I always feel welcomed by my friendly neighbors, much like I did growing up in New York State. Everyone is very social and eager to help one another when needed. My LGH neighbors have become my extended family.

As you can tell, I love living here … LGH has been a great retirement destination.

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Mary Ann & Jim Culhane

We are the Culhanes May Ann and Jim originally from Western Pennsylvania. We grew up there close to Pittsburgh, where we raised our children and worked for many years... Jim being an aircraft mechanic and working outdoors in all kinds of weather!

As retirement loomed ahead of us, we both yearned for a warmer climate and a place where we could ride our motorcycle more often!

On a vacation a couple of years ago, we came to Florida to visit our cousins living in Tavares. They took us around to see several parks in the area, but we were so taken with Lake Griffin Harbor that we went home, packed up our belongings, and 30 days later, moved into the greatest place we've ever lived!

Lake Griffin Harbor is full of wonderful friendly people who care about each other as a family.

There's plenty to do here, gorgeous scenery and wildlife, and at the same time, we're close to stores and other conveniences.

The swimming pool and clubhouse are outstanding! Very well kept and the biggest selling point for us.

We both feel very fortunate to be spending our "golden years" in this "golden spot"!

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Ed & Pat Kerr

To Whom it May Concern, My husband Ed & I grew up in a small collage town in Pennsylvania. Married & raised 1 daughter & two sons. Ed retired after 38 years with Cooper Industries. I retired after 16 years with Montgomery Ward as store manager & 13 years with Grove City Collage as Director of Housekeeping & Assistance to conference coordinator. Our Family was well established, we had a lovely home could relax & enjoy our retirement.

Then we came to Florida to visit friends. (Loved the sunshine) After much thought decided to come back to see what was available. After visiting several parks we came to Lake Griffin Harbor, from the entrance, to the office, to the residents here it was like home. The friendships we have formed, the many activities we enjoy, the conveniences of shopping & being close to either coast. This is what retirement was meant to be & we continue to enjoy everyday.

"Lake Griffin Harbor is a community that will never grow old"

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Joyce Morgan

Lake Griffin Harbor is the place to be if you are looking for a friendly, active environment. Five years ago I retired from my position as the coordinator of a Ph.D. program at a University in upstate New York and had decided well in advance of my retirement that I wanted to relocate to a warmer climate and needless to say, Florida was that place. I made several trips to Florida to try to find that ideal location - I went to the west coast of Florida, east coast of Florida, and finally settled on the center of the state.